Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Cyprus: Origins of the present crisis– 1950s to 1970s 

by the Lobby for Cyprus study group

The dominant view of Turkish foreign policy makers and the Turkish military establishment is that the invasion of Cyprus in July and August 1974 occurred in order to save the Turkish Cypriot minority (18% of the total population) of the island from the “atrocities” of Greek Cypriots. How accurate is this argument? Does it stand up in view of the evidence produced by concrete historical analysis? What was the role of Britain in the 1950s and the USA in the 1960s and early 1970s? Why had the United Nations been outflanked by the Western powers and NATO? Who produced the plan that Turkey has carried out, namely the plan to divide the island on a racist basis?

This book seeks to answer these questions and argues powerfully that the point of view put forward by Turkey is false and historically groundless. It has been, and is, used for propagandist political reasons in order to cover the historical truth – that the invasion and the division of the island was well planned and pre-ordained from the 1950s. The Greek and Turkish Cypriots could indeed progress and live together very peacefully in an independent island as envisaged by President Makarios and the United Nations. The argument advanced by Turkish diplomats reflects the desperate attempt of the Turkish military establishment to present the ugly power politics of their country and NATO as a problem between the two communities of the island state of Cyprus. But for how long will Turkey’s official foreign policy hold on to this inappropriate view in the face of recent historical revelations and, even more importantly, in the face of the country’s application to join the European Union? 

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ISBN ISBN 0 9538891 0 6