Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Campaign Actions

15 December 2010
Join the mass legal action against Turkey’s illegal regime and HSBC bank in occupied Cyprus
• Do you believe you have a right to compensation for loss of use of your property since 1974? • Do you want to expose a global bank that is illegally processing sales of Greek Cypriot property? • Do you want Turkey to be condemned by the US court system for the atrocities committed in 1974?

This is your chance, at minimal cost, to preserve your and your family’s rights in occupied Cyprus by joining this class action against Turkey and its illegal agents, who are criminally selling your family’s heritage. 

US attorney Athan Tsimpedes has revealed that the unrecognised illegal regime trading as 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' is operating in the United States as a commercial enterprise – and is involved in a fraudulent property scheme. 

The unrecognised regime in occupied Cyprus is subject to US law because it has US offices and employees, HSBC bank accounts and is selling stolen properties through its trade name the 'TRNC'. The illegal transactions for properties in the occupied territories are made through the global bank HSBC and its subsidiaries. Because HSBC is involved in the fraudulent property scheme, the 'TRNC’s' assets can be seized. 

Mr Tsimpedes has given all displaced property owners in occupied Cyprus a route to protect and defend their property rights by pursuing those benefiting from the illegal trading of those properties. His action will highlight the discriminatory basis of the current Turkish proposals for resolving the property issue in Cyprus which contravene EU law. 

This lawsuit is open to all displaced property owners who can join at minimal risk. The only risk is a nominal administrative fee to enter the class action. The lawsuit does not exchange title for compensation. The lawsuit retains title to the property owners but seeks compensation for the interference of the rights to property for 36 years, along with exemplary damages to punish the illegal acts. 

Lobby recommends that all displaced property owners join Mr Tsimpedes' action without delay. All is required is a statement that you own property in the occupied areas of Cyprus with some minimum details. 

How to join the class action

• Click the link below to download the 'Expression of interest' form and '10 points for participating in the US class action' information leaflet (documents are supplied in English and Greek versions.)

• Fill in the form (English or Greek) 

• Post your form with a cheque for the minimal administration fee (made payable to 'The Tsimpedes Law Firm') to: 

Lobby for Cyprus
PO Box 692
United Kingdom

For further information please email info@lobbyforcyprus.org or telephone +44 (0)20 8888 2556

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