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Campaign Actions

09 April 2013
Take action against the promotion of occupied Cyprus as a holiday destination by the Observer/Guardian
Write to the Guardian newspaper to make a complaint regarding the promotion of Karavas in the occupied territory of Cyprus for tourism

Observer/Guardian newspaper online travel section, 7 April 2013:

'The top 10 sun spots to escape Britain’s endless winter'

At number two, the article recommends so-called 'Northern Cyprus'

The hotel resort the feature promotes is: Riverside Garden Resort / Riverside Holiday Village. It is in occupied Karavas, referred to in the article by the occupation regime's name of ‘Alsancak’. According to information on Cyprus government websites, the property is Greek Cypriot owned. 

See http://www.cyprusembassy.net/home/index.php?cid=1029&module=page

How to take action

• Write to the Guardian newspaper by email or post
• Post a comment on the Guardian travel website comments section
• Post a comment on the Guardian or Guardian Travel Twitter feeds 
• You can use the attached letter as a basis for your letter

Guardian contact details



Guardian travel desk travel@guardian.co.uk 

Editor of Guardian travel section gemma.bowes@guardian.co.uk

Observer/Guardian travel webpage:


(Click ‘sign in’ and follow instructions to post a comment)

Postal address:

Gemma Bowes 

Travel section editor

The Guardian 

Kings Place 

90 York Way

London N1 9GU


@GuardianTravel or @guardian

 Sample letter


[Your name and address here]

Gemma Bowes 

The Travel Editor

The Guardian 

Kings Place 

90 York Way

London N1 9GU  

[Date here]

Guardian travel feature ‘The top 10 sun spots to escape Britain’s endless winter’

Dear Ms Bowes

I am writing to you regarding the travel feature on the Guardian website: ‘The top 10 sun spots to escape Britain’s endless winter’, 7 April 2013.


I am dismayed that you recommend in your list the area of the Republic of Cyprus that is under illegal Turkish military occupation. 

In 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus and expelled the Greek Cypriot population from the northern area of the country. Civilians fled following mass killings, torture and rape by the Turkish army which committed human rights violations in order to create the ethnically cleansed illegal entity that you choose to describe as ‘Northern Cyprus’.  

The town you refer to as so-called ‘Alsancak’ is actually Karavas. In Turkey’s efforts to extinguish Greek and Christian cultural heritage, all occupied places were given fabricated names to perpetrate the myth that the area is and always was Turkish. 

Furthermore, according to information published on websites of the government of Cyprus, the hotel resort you promote is actually owned by Greek Cypriots. 

See http://www.cyprusembassy.net/home/index.php?cid=1029&module=page

Not only is your feature offensive to Greek Cypriots who are forbidden from returning to their homes and lands on the basis of their ethnicity, it seems that the Guardian is promoting a stolen property for tourism, therefore encouraging people to commit trespass. Visitors therefore run the risk of legal action being taken against them by the legitimate owners. 

I am surprised that the Guardian, which usually considers ethical values, promotes an occupied territory and the stolen lands of displaced persons and refugees, for the enjoyment of others. 

I would request that the Guardian removes such promotions from its website and refrains from further advertising of the illegally occupied area of Cyprus as a holiday destination while the legitimate owners and inhabitants are prevented from returning. 

I look forward to your response on this upsetting matter.

Yours sincerely

[Your name here]

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