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To: Overseas Property Professional
12 March 2007
Comment on the issue of advertising properties in the occupied northern part of Cyprus

Firstly, I would like to point out there is no such place as 'Northern Cyprus'. The area referred to is the illegally occupied north of the Republic of Cyprus, which Turkey invaded in 1974, violating international law and numerous UN Security Council resolutions.

The vast majority of property in the occupied areas that is promoted by developers is owned by Greek Cypriots. Such companies therefore will be profiting from the sale of illegally acquired land and properties.

The 200,000 Greek Cypriots who fled following atrocities committed by Turkish troops still remain the legitimate title-deed holders. This has been reaffirmed by the European Court of Human Rights (Loizidou v Turkey 1996) and the English High Court (Orams v Apostolides 2006) which recognised the illegality of the sale of Greek Cypriot property in the occupied area of Cyprus.

The current enforced exile of the Greek Cypriot inhabitants of occupied Cyprus does not make their stolen property fair game to unscrupulous property developers and those seeking to make a cheap, yet illegal purchase, but believe they can get away with it.

The buying or selling of Greek Cypriot properties in occupied Cyprus constitutes a criminal offence. Persons found guilty of such exploitation risk facing legal action, which can and has resulted in imprisonment in the Republic of Cyprus.

Media owners should certainly not allow companies from occupied Cyprus to exhibit at their shows or advertise in their magazines. It is high time that UK media companies acted more responsibly and stopped the promotion of this illegal and immoral trade.