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To: Metro
07 March 2007
'Make friends in the north'
Mr Copland no doubt enjoyed an all expenses paid trip to occupied Cyprus.

He should ask himself why he was treated so well in this "unspoilt" land. Did he ask what happened to the 200,000 Greek and other Christians that lived there before they were brutally etnically cleansed in 1974?

Did he ask to see the 150 descrated churches and monasteries or the bulldozed archaelogical sites?

Or did he visit the stolen properties and lands of the ethncially cleansed now turned into luxury villas and hotels?

If he did not he should now consider himself complicit in this criminal behaviour.

It is surely the duty of reputable journalist to ask difficult questions. Sadly Mr Copland seems either unabkle or unwilling to do so thus rendering his piece as nothing more than political propaganda for an apartheid regime recognised by no one with no respect for human rights or the rule of law.

Shame on you!.