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To: Metro
07 March 2007
'Make friends in the north'
Should Metro be publishing racist comments such as that of S Tosun who refers to Greek Cypriots as ‘the kidnappers’? I find that most offensive. Despite atrocities committed by Turkey and its subordinates in Cyprus over decades: kidnap, torture, murder, rape, I don’t tar Turkish Cypriots with the same brush.

In the 50s and 60s a minority of Turkish and Greek Cypriots committed tit-for-tat-attacks, a sad and lamentable period of history, which went against the grain of peaceful co-existence since Turkish Cypriots joined Greek Cypriots on the island a few hundred years ago. Unfortunately the crimes committed were the price paid for extremist aims to partition the island on racial lines.

MInd you, I’m not surprised by S Tosun’s comment. It seems he is endorsing the illegal racist apartheid regime that prevents anyone of Greek name of origin from returning to their homes or admitting the fate of the 1500 missing Greek Cypriot persons.