Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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To: Metro
06 March 2007
'Make friends in the north'
There are thousands of Londoners of Cypriot descent who find Mr Coplans' article offensive and unacceptable. It is entirely misleading, ill informed and factually incorrect.

No reference is made to the illegal occupation by more than 50,000 Turkish troops, the forced expulsion of more than 200,000 Greek Cypriots and the transfer by Turkey of over 150,000 Turkish colonists to change the island's demography.

Metro and Mr Coplans should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. You are in breach of your obligations under the press guidelines and the adverts and article are legally actionable.

Don't you understand or care that you are condoning criminal acts by supporting those who profit from the abuse of stolen properties? When are you finally going to act in an ethical, moral and legal way or is the cash you receive from these illegal adverts just so important to you?