Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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To: Metro
05 March 2007
'Make friends in the north'
There is no such place as 'Turkish Cyprus' or 'Greek Cyprus'. The area you refer to is the illegally occupied northern part of the Republic of Cyprus.

What a disgrace that Metro chooses to promote this area as a tourist destination while its inhabitants, 200,000 ethnically cleansed Greek Cypriots are forbidden to return by Turkey's army of illegal occupation.

The Metro is most irresponsible in suggesting most people are uninterested in 'political handbagging' and look only for a 'damn good holiday'. Unlike your reporter Chris Coplands, most people do give a damn about enjoying the lands, homes and properties of those forcibly evicted through bombing, murder, torture and rape.

In fact, the hotel Mr Coplands stayed in, the Colony Hotel, like most properties in occupied Cyprus, is stolen property that belongs to Greek Cypriots, so Mr Coplands, it would seem has been indulging a spot of illegal tresspass.

As for the culture of occupied Cyprus, perhaps you should point out that thousands of years of Greek culture has been eradicated since 1974 through the renaming of towns and villages into Turkish and the desecration and plundering of hundreds of churches and cemeteries.