Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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To: Prime Minister Tony Blair
29 April 2005
Letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair
Dear Prime Minister

The abysmal record of the British government in its behaviour towards the Republic of Cyprus has damaged not only the relationship between the UK and Cyprus, but also that between the British Labour government and the British electorate of Greek Cypriot origin.

The threatening language used by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and attempted blackmail to lift the ban on illegal trading with an unrecognised entity in the north of the Republic of Cyprus in the run-up towards the April 2004 referendum on the Annan plan, were already the cause of great concern to the Greek Cypriot community in the UK. However, the subsequent briefings against the Republic of Cyprus; your efforts to grant legitimacy to a regime that has been the product of an invasion and ethnic cleansing; your support for the opening of ports in the occupied area and for direct flights to illegally occupied airports in the north of the island have compounded these worries. In fact, they have shattered the confidence of our community in the Labour government that it has supported over the last two general elections.

You and your government appear to have completely ignored the responsibilities and obligations that the UK has to the Republic of Cyprus. Rather than endeavouring to secure the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Cyprus, the UK government appears instead to seek the division of the island and rewarding an illegal invasion and occupation. It is hardly surprising that many government officials of the Republic of Cyprus, have openly expressed their discontent at the British government’s policy of undermining the Republic of Cyprus and the Cypriot people.

You should not, therefore, be astonished that the Greek Cypriot community has tired with the empty pledges and words of support that appear so plentiful when our votes are required.

We urge you to reconsider your policy on Cyprus and seek a settlement that is in line with European principles and abandon the policy of appeasing the Turkish side.

Your government has had many opportunities to follow through talk with action and it has failed miserably. You are in grave danger of losing the Greek Cypriot vote through your own actions.

Yours sincerely
Lobby for Cyprus