Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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To: Financial Times
27 September 2004
Re: Time for the EU to reach a positive decision on Turkey


It's a bit rich for Mr Sonyel to call for the re-unification of Cyprus (FT, 24 September) given that he has espoused the politics of division and hate for most of his "academic" career. However, given that his idea of reunification involves the legitimisation of the illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus, the theft of tens of thousands of Greek Cypriot properties and the denial of basic human rights such as freedom of residence and movement to Greek Cypriots within their own country, perhaps it is not too surprising after all.

Indeed the fact that as extreme an individual as Sonyel can claim to support the Annan Plan, as his letter implies, demonstrates just how pro-Turkish this was. No Greek Cypriot can be faulted for wanting a reunification of the island based on human rights and international law and rejection of one that created apartheid within an EU member state. The Annan plan patently failed to do this as Sonyel well knows.

And as for Turkey we would suggest that when it learns to abide by international law, treats its own political minorities decently and ceases to illegally occupy EU territiory it should be considered for EU membership, but certainly not before.

Yours sincerely
Lobby for Cyprus