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To: Financial Times
27 September 2004
Re: Time for the EU to reach a positive decision on Turkey


'Professor' (of what and where?) Sonyel writes (FT, Letters, 24 September) that "Turkey satisfied the EU requirements over this [Cyprus] issue." Turkey has not. Its 35,000 troops are still in Cyprus as are more than 100,000 Anatolian peasants imported to change the ethnic balance of the island.

The Republic of Cyprus was not "rewarded" for rejecting the biased and highly-flawed Annan Plan; the Republic of Cyprus was the first of the 'ten' to meet all the requirements laid out in the 29 Chapters of the aqui communautaire and was long scheduled to be admitted, Annan or not.

Those Turkish Cypriots who have voted with their feet and have moved to the free areas of the Republic are represented in the EU.

The Annan Plan was a UN plan (albeit written in Washington at the dictation of Ankara). What promises did the EU make, to which Sonyel refers?

The "impediments" facing Turkey are the requirements of the Copenhagen criteria. Or does Sonyel want a different set of criteria for Turkey?

The "folly" of the divided Cyprus is the work of Rauf Denktash, whose obstinacy prevented any honest negations.

Yours sincerely
Lobby for Cyprus