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To: Times
27 April 2004
Re: Greek Cypriot rejection of Annan Plan


The overwhelming Greek Cypriot rejection of the Annan Plan proves that the Devil really was in the detail on this occasion. And at a massive 9,000 pages as you can appreciate there was rather a lot of detail. Astonishingly most of these 9,000 pages were not made public by the UN to either side until the morning itself on the UN website-it would have been nice to know what we were being expected to vote on. The truth is that the Annan Plan was foisted upon Greek Cypriots by the US via the UN in order to appease its ally Turkey. In doing so several last minute changes were made at the end of March 2004 in Turkey's favour (such as destroying the EU principle of freedom of residence within the EU) which had the effect of imposing a non-European solution for a new member state of the EU.

If passed the Annan plan would have created apartheid in Cyprus with Greek Cypriots unable to live in large numbers in the north of the island or recover their former homes whilst all other EU nationals would have been able to live there or buy Greek Cypriot homes from those seized from the Greeks. This is of course a legal nonsense. And of course thousands of Turkish troops and the 100,000 illegal immigrants transported from eastern Turkey to northern Cyprus would have been allowed to stay. Where else are 35,000 troops of an EU applicant who invaded a sovereign state permitted to remain and occupy an EU member state? And has the EU, and particularly the UK, thought through the consequences of suddenly allowing 100,000 illegal immigrants to become EU citizens?
Greek Cypriots want a solution more than anyone. But it must be one that isconsistent with EU laws and regulations. The Annan Plan was not and so it was dumped.

Yours sincerely
Lobby for Cyprus