Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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To: Telegraph
27 April 2004
Re: Greek Cypriot rejection of Annan Plan

You are right to say that Greek Cypriots should not reject a reasonably balanced re-unification proposal and I do not know of any Greek Cypriots that would. However the document that was put to the vote last Saturday was clearly not thought to be reasonably balanced by over three quarters of Greek Cypriots. For example apartheid would have been introduced in an EU member state, with limitations being put on Greek residence in the north of the island, whereas no such restriction would be put on the nationals of any other EU member state. The presence of 100,000 illegal immigrants in the form of Turkish colonists sent by Turkey to Cyprus to ethnically engineer the demographic composition of the island would be legalised. There would then be nothing to stop them flooding the shores of the UK and other EU member states making the Turkish Cypriot component state in Cyprus the most porous entrance for illegal immigration into the EU.

Greek Cypriots want Cyprus re-united but not at any cost. Any settlement must comply with EU rules and regulations and the "Annan Plan" patently did not.

Yours sincerely
Lobby for Cyprus