Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Media Watch 2008

18 July 2008
Cyprus Weekly
'IT IS unbelievable, but true. Turkey is bidding for a seat on the UN Security Council... That would really be something, if it came to pass. It would mean that a country that has been casting Security Council and General Assembly resolutions into a waste paper basket for decades and refusing to implement them would be rewarded for its utter contempt of the most important United Nations branch with a seat on its Council.
27 June 2008
Cyprus Weekly
'The Court was unable to accept the Turkish government's versions of facts' The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strassbourg this week again blasted Turkey over it continuing violations in Cyprus. In two unanimous Chamber judgments it held this country fully responsible for the death of two Greek Cypriot demonstrators occurring 22 years after Turkey invaded an occupied the northern part of the island.
27 June 2008
Cyprus Weekly
THE new ICG report on Cyprus seeks to present a balanced review of the positions of the sides, but does not conceal its utter contempt for the UN Security Council, and its resolutions.
24 June 2008
"Europe's human rights watchdog said on Tuesday that Turkey was responsible for the deaths of two men on the divided island of Cyprus more than a decade ago."
28 April 2008
Christian Post
"One lone church struggles to survive in a land where hundreds have been damaged or destroyed. But this is no ordinary land; it is the very ground where Apostle Paul took his first missionary journey to proclaim salvation through Jesus Christ to the Roman Empire."
24 April 2008
London Review of Books
"Cyprus is, in truth, an anomaly in the new Europe. Not, however, for reasons Brussels cares to dwell on. This is an EU member-state a large part of which is under long-standing occupation by a foreign army. Behind tanks and artillery, a population of settlers has been planted that is relatively more numerous than the settlers on the West Bank, without a flicker of protest from the Council or Commission. From its territory are further subtracted – not leased, but held in eminent domain – military enclaves three times the size of Guantánamo, under the control of a fellow member of the EU, the United Kingdom."
15 April 2008
"For two years, the UN has been exhuming mass graves across Cyprus, reviving harrowing memories of the bloodshed in which 2,000 Greek and Turkish Cypriots disappeared without trace. Angelique Chrisafis explains how finding her uncle's remains after 34 years has helped her family – but also raised painful new questions about the fate of those still missing."
15 April 2008
Angelique Chrisafis on how a mass grave has been found containing the body of one of her uncles
17 March 2008
Famagusta Gazette
"A title deed crisis appears to be brewing in the occupied areas of northern Cyprus. The revelation comes after a Turkish Cypriot daily newspaper reported that local commercial banks are now refusing to recognise title deeds issued by the northern Cyprus "government"."
01 March 2008
Modern Gov
Some 33 years since Turkey invaded his country, Kyriacos Christodoulou, ex-coordinator of Lobby for Cyprus tells his story, and explains what the lobby is doing to raise its profile.
29 February 2008
Cyprus Weekly
"DEMETRIS Christofias placed emphasis on two main issues in his inaugural speech before the House of Representatives yesterday."
19 February 2008
Overseas Property Professional
"“Irish citizens considering the purchase of property in the northern part of Cyprus, which is not under the effective control of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, are strongly advised to seek qualified independent legal advice due to potential claims related to title and ownership from Cypriots displaced from that area in 1974, which may lead to serious financial and legal repercussions”"