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Media Watch 2012

17 August 2013
Source: Cyprus News Agency
Turkish Cypriots call for Turkish army to withdraw from Cyprus
Under the title 'One target two separate activities', Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (15 August 2013) reports that two activities were held on 14 August in the occupied part of Nicosia on the occasion of the second stage of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974.

The one was the 'Anti-militarist Peace Operation' organized for the fourth time by the New Cyprus Party (YKP). By using the slogan “Ayse go home”, the participants in the activity made a call to the Turkish army to withdraw from Cyprus [Note: 'Ayse' is the code name used in 1974 by the then Turkish Foreign Minister Gunes, who signaled the beginning of the second stage of the Turkish invasion by saying that “Ayse could go for vacation”]. Turkey’s Freedom and Solidarity Party (ODP) and the Reconstruction Party (YKP) sent messages of support to the activity, asking for all armies to withdraw from Cyprus.

The other activity was organized by the United Cyprus Party (BKP) under the title 'Resist Cyprus'. Messages of support by Greek Cypriot AKEL party, the Turkish Communist Party (TKP), Turkey’s Peace Association and Turkey’s People’s Houses were sent to the activity. The messages saluted the resistance of the Turkish Cypriots against Turkey which occupies the northern part of Cyprus for 39 years “in the direction if the interests of imperialism” and against the attacks of the Justice and Development Party (AKP).