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Media Watch 2004

09 December 2004
Source: Africa (Turkish Cypriot newspaper)
Comment: The following article appeared in Turkish Cypriot newspaper Afrika of occupied Cyprus on 9 December 2004 by editor in chief Sener Levent.
Moving towards a million illegal Turks in the north
"Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots will be living in the South and Turks from Turkey in the North."

The ferryboats are coming from Turkey to Kyrenia on a massive scale.

There are voyages every day.

They come full and go empty.

The empty ones are filled up and come again. The traffic is heavy. Until the end of the year it may be come heavier. It is as if this is the last run, the last chance. Those who come will come and those who will remain will remain.

Those who heard about the agreement signed between Turkey and the regime in the North are running to Cyprus. What is the agreement? All those who come here until January 1, 2005 are lucky. They will get permission to work, to live here and those who have stayed five years will get citizenship as well, if they want.

When was this agreement signed? On July 19, 1999. On October 12, 2004 a protocol was added to the agreement. When will it come into force? On 1 January 2005.

In short it means the following: The right of work and residence is recognised for all the Turkish population which is currently here. Furthermore, all those who will come to the island until January 1, 2005 when this protocol comes into force, will also have this right. Only fulfilling two simple conditions is enough for them.


The first one is those who entered with identity to acquire a passport of the Republic of Turkey within six months after their entrance.

The second, is to get a document in writing from the place where they work. This agreement was allegedly made in order to combat the illegal work force in northern Cyprus. However, it can easily be understood that the real aim is to legalize all the population from Turkey.

This is the meaning of the ferryboat traffic that has intensified in the past few days.

Unfortunately, those who should raise their voices against this are remaining silent. And the worst is that they are presenting it to the community as good news. They are saying that the illegal work force is being prevented.

The process of the destruction of the Turkish Cypriots will actually start after this. Do not be surprised if after ten years they tell us that our population is one million. It will be good if only ten thousand of this million are Turkish Cypriots!


It will be very difficult for our citizens, who are condemned to be hostages for at least another twenty years, to remain in the island. They will either emigrate outside the country or settle in Southern Cyprus.

Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots will be living in the South and Turks from Turkey in the North."