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Media Watch 2004

13 October 2004
Source: Phileleftheros
Author: Angelos Marcopolous
Comment: The following article appeared in the Phileleftheros of Nicosia on 13 October 2004.
You have every right to get angry (and you should)
"If the Greek-Cypriots say 'no' to the Annan plan, we will take them to a new referendum, until they say 'yes'. " Lord Haney, architect of the Annan plan."

"When we were trying to convince Turkey to allow the passage of our troops through its territory in Northern Iraq, we gave Turkey two motives: several billion dollars in the form of donations and loans and Cyprus in the form of the Annan plan." Daniel Fried (member of the National Security Council and special advisor to President Bush)

"If the Greek-Cypriots say 'no' to the Annan plan, we will take them to a new referendum, until they say 'yes'. Lord Haney, architect of the Annan plan

"Only a lunatic would be able to draw up the Annan plan." Demetris Tsatsos, Professor of Constitutional Law

Yes, you have every right to get angry about the evil plan that the Americans, the British, the Turks (and some of our own) loved so much. You have every right to get angry at the incredible arrogance displayed by the Americans and at the New World Order they are evangelizing. They admit that they offered Cyprus to Turkey through the Annan plan, as if they owned it, as if it is not inhabited by people, but by horses or stones. You have every right to get angry with the US government which accuses Greece of sending weapons to Cyprus, but fails to see anything wrong with their being used by occupation troops. Cynicism has obviously invaded international politics. The Americans want to finish the work they started in 1974. Then, with the military coup and the invasion, they were aiming at the partition of Cyprus and at a double union. Now, with the Annan plan, they aim at partition, and the two states will only be united by the permanent suzerainty by Britain and Turkey. Makarios was the obstacle back then, whom they managed to overthrow together with their own collaborators in Cyprus, while their current enemy is T. Papadopoulos who also fails to obey them, and they have once again found supporters among the Greeks of Cyprus.

You have every right to get angry at Haney’s statement, which comes as no surprise. It is an expression of the arrogance displayed by the British government, and at the same time of the deep contempt shown by the British diplomacy for small countries in general and for the Greeks of Cyprus in particular. But, let’s not kid ourselves, it is also indicative of the fact that the Annan plan fully serves the British interests. The British wish to turn Cyprus again into a colony and to have its people under complete control and subjected to subordination, which they manage to achieve due to the Annan plan, since it also turns their bases into a state with territorial waters, the only true independent state that exists in Cyprus on the basis of the Annan plan.

You have every right to get angry with DISY’s leadership, which instead of saying ‘mea culpa’ approves of the US and British stance and joins their efforts to impose their plan to the people and to undermine the President. DISY joins the US effort to punish our people for displaying unacceptable ‘dignity’ by rejecting their plan. DISY’s leadership called on the people to approve of the Annan plan, in short to sign their own death certificate. They did not even ask for guarantees for the implementation of solution and they are asking for them now in an attempt to throw dust in our eyes. They did not have the sense to protect the people then, instead they simply urged the people to count on Turkey’s magnanimity that it would implement the (bad) solution. Why should we believe them now? Since they were so naïve, why should we believe that they have political logic now? They have been distorting the truth, with bitterness and with a destructive spite which reminds us the period before the coup. They rejoice when Cyprus is punished, they mourn when something good happens and they seek to abolish it. The government and the parties are right to react to DISY’s insolence (the Ecologists Movement’s attitude is beyond me.)

You have every right to get angry, when certain people accuse the President of asking too much at the UN Assembly General, where he put forward the obvious and rightful claims of the Greeks of Cyprus. They are trying to cancel our claims instead of supporting them.

You have every right to get angry, because when the representative of the Turkish National Security Council in Cyprus, Talat, calls us to overthrow T. Papadopoulos, some people listen to him and go farther than that, organizing protests against the government in Derynia and applauding Talat in Morphou.

So, we have every right to react at the incredible hypocrisy of foreigners and natives, without feeling guilty about it. It would be unnatural and incriminating to remain impassive, inert, silent and neutral."