Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Media Watch 2004

13 February 2004
Source: Cyprus Weekly
Author: Angelos Marcopoulos
Comment: The following article appeared in the Cyprus Weekly of Nicosia on 13 February 2004.
Top European officials ready to Assist Annan

THE President of the European Parliament Pat Cox and the Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe Alvaro Gil-Robles both expressed their readiness yesterday to assist Kofi Annan in his task for the reunification of Cyprus.
"The EU is prepared" and "has the determined conviction" to give Annan "the fullest assistance" Cox told The Cyprus Weekly, when asked if the EU would assist Annan to fill the gaps in his reunification plan.

"By doing so we shall not interfere with the good offices mandate of the secretary-general and we shall not replace , nor displace the centrality of his role,'' he added.
But the EU "is prepared, in all its institutions, to assist the Secretary-general in any way that he calls for assistance.''

"We must all help for the process to be successful," said Gil-Robless, echoing Cox.

"In this context if the CoE and the Commissioner for Human Rights could be helpfuln , certainly we shall do all that is necessary,'' Gil-Robless said.

Asked by The Cyprus Weekly whether he agreed that human rights should form the basis for a settlement, Gil-Robles said, "I believe so. That is my position also. I am in favour of an effective respect for human rights.""