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Media Watch 2004

30 January 2004
Source: Cyprus Weekly
Comment: The following leader article appeared in the Cyprus Weekly of Nicosia on 30 January 2004.
Moving ahead or falling back?

THE last few days have been remarkable for Cyprus, with considerable activity on an international level, linked to just as considerable confusion on any tangible results towards the resumption of the UN-sponsored reunification talks.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to have scored a public relations coup, gaining plenty of media coverage and praise for his apparent more conciliatory approach following his separate meetings with Kofi Annan and President George Bush.

Even George Papandreou welcomed "the new mobility of the Turkish side," qualifying this however by saying "but we now want to see it in action."

Erdogan had boasted in advance before his meetings, crowing that he would stay constantly "a step ahead" of the Greek Cypriot side.

President Papadopoulos reacted by saying that, on the contrary, all that Erdogan had achieved was "taking a step backwards" as a result of his confusing and contradictory statements.

What remains to be seen is what will remain on the able, if and when the confusion clears up.

Annan himself, while saying that he was encouraged by Erdogan's promises, has yet to be satisfied enough by developments to call for a resumption of the talks."