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Media Watch 2003

01 October 2003
Source: Haravgi
Comment: The following article appeared in Haravgi of Nicosia on 1 October 2003.
European Court of Human Rights Grants Extension of Time for Turkey

Turkey is granted with extension of time to file their reply on two Greek Cypriot appeals

The European Court of Human Rights gave two weeks extension for Turkey to file reply on the appeals lodged by two Greek Cypriots, complaining about violation of human rights in connection with their occupied property.

According to information of Cyprus News Agency, the President of the European Court of Human Rights Luzius Wildhaber granting the request of Ankara, gave extension of time to October 15th for the Turkish government to file responses and arguments, since the so-called commission of properties was internal legal means, which should be exhausted by the applicants before appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

The case concerns two appeals lodged against Turkey by Greek Cypriots and the European Court informed the interested parts that time extension was provided to October 15.

Originally, the European Court of Human Rights, in its first letter, dating July 7, had decided to call the Turkish government to submit further written statements on admissible evidence and the substance of the case until September 30.

Moreover, the European Court had asked from Turkey to be restricted to the following aspects of the case and answer the question: “Considering the adoption and implementation, in June 30 2003, of the compensation law on real estate located within the boundaries of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, have all internal treatments been exhausted? ”"