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Media Watch 2003

26 September 2003
Source: Cyprus Weekly
Comment: The following article appeared in the Cyprus Weekly of Nicosia on 26 September 2003.
The harm Denktash is causing

PRESIDENT Papadopoulos’s UN speech yesterday was clear and to the point. 

The Greek Cypriot side wants a solution that will work and be in conformity with UN resolutions. 

The Cyprus Republic places human rights at the very top of its agenda and will persevere to see human rights implemented in Cyprus and universally.

The President reaffirmed most solemnly before the august body his readiness “whenever the Secretary-General invites us, to engage in serious negotiations on the basis of his plan in order to reach a settlement as soon as possible...” . 

His vision -”a united Cyprus in a united Europe” - embracing all Cypriots, moving towards a secure and prosperous future.

Compare this to Denktash’s outbursts and his stubborn bid to thwart any settlement. 

He calls the Annan plan 'dead,' has been attacking UN institutions, insulting Alvaro de Soto and US coordinator Thomas Weston, while yesterday he blasted Britain’s Lord Hannay, in other words all international mediators trying to help end the Cyprus stalemate.

Turkish Cypriot opposition politicians have been stressing that Denktash is not interested in a solution, only in promoting his selfish interests. 

Yesterday, another voice came from Turkey itself. 

In an article in the Turkish Daily News, Mehmet Ali Birand wrote: “If no solution is found in Cyprus by December 2004, especially if Denktash goes on making the kind of speeches he is making these days, there will be a big increase in the number of (EU) countries which would veto a decision to start accession talks with Turkey." 

It is up to Turkish politicians to realise the harm Denktash’s intransigent policies are causing to their country and to Turkish Cypriots. "