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Media Watch 2003

23 September 2003
Source: Phileleftheros
Comment: The following article appeared in Philelefteros of Nicosia on 23 September 2003.
Turkey is not wanted in the EU

European People’s Party

The large majority of the European People’s Party (EPP Group), the greatest political group in the European Parliament (233 seats out of the total of 626 seats), is opposed to the prospect of Turkey’s accession to the European Union and will vote against the Accession Treaty, when the time comes.

The President of European People’s Party, German Christian Democrat Euro-MP Hans Petering, gave this point-blank answer in his interview, published yesterday in the Belgian daily La libre Belgique. Answering to a relevant question, he said that he personally shares the opinion of the large majority of his group, who favor a preferential status relation of Turkey with the European Union but not her accession. Mr. Petering believes that the responsibility for the decision rests with heads of states and governments who will be at the head of negotiations, but, as he said, at the end of the process, the European Parliament will have to give its opinion. The European People’s Party will express its position during this voting process, while, from now on, he considers that Turkey’s accession is not justified, on account of its geographical position, and he also appreciates that EU cannot operate having a member-state with such a different culture.

At this point, he made clear that he isn’t referring to religion, because Bosnia-Herzegovina is also a Muslim country in its majority, which, as he said, will be a full member-state of the European Union one day.