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Media Watch 2003

03 September 2003
Source: Phileleftheros
Comment: The following article appeared Phileleftheros of Nicosia on 03 September 2003.
Euro-Parliament takes action for Rizokarpaso High School

The issue is raised in Ankara

Nicosia: The European Parliament raises the issue of the refusal of the Turkish-Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash to allow the operation of Rizokarpaso High School to the competent authorities in Ankara and the ‘authorities’ of the pseudostate. The British Conservative Member of the European Parliament Theresa Villiers brought the issue before the European Parliament, appealing to Rauf Denktash to change his decision.

Mrs. Villiers noted that for a very long time the families of the enclaved have been deprived of human rights and of the right to education, adding that “now that there are signs of reconciliation between the two communities and on the eve of the accession of Cyprus to the EU, it is a very good chance to give proof of this reconciliation.”

The British MEP also pointed out that, for about 30 years, the children of the Greek-Cypriot enclaved are obliged to leave their families to attend classes at secondary schools in the free areas, which causes a lot of problems.

“This aims clearly at driving away from home the few remaining Greek-Cypriots in the northern part of Cyprus, controlled at the moment by the Turkish authorities,” Mrs. Villiers added."