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Media Watch 2003

29 August 2003
Source: Cyprus Weekly
Author: Angelos Marcopoulos
Comment: The following article appeared in the Cyprus Weekly of Nicosia on 29 August 2003.
CoE rapporteur denounces Denktash over Rizokarpaso school

The Council of Europe’s new Rapporteur for Cyprus yesterday denounced the refusal of the Denktash regime to allow the opening of a high school for the Greek Cypriot children in occupied Rizokarpaso. 

“Of course I agree,’’ Matyas Rakosi replied when asked by The Cyprus Weekly about the demand of the enclaved for the opening of the school.

He said Denktash’s refusal to allow the opening of the school was ``incompatible with the promotion of a climate of tolerance’’ which should prevail in Cyprus to pave the way for the resumption of reunification talks.

He said he was “less optimistic than a few months ago’’ on the prospects of the talks resumption following the submission of new proposals by the Turkish Cypriot side.

It is worth recalling that in June the CoE Parliamentary Assembly said in a resolution on the situation of the enclaved that it was “particularly shocked by the imposed division of families, the prohibition of young people returning to their homes and the general climate of uncertainty, even fear, to which members of the communities are deliberately subjected.’’

The refusal to allow the opening of the high school will inevitably force more Greek Cypriot enclaved families to move south in order to ensure the proper education of their children. 

The resolution “insisted’’ that Ankara and Denktash “ensure freedom of education’’ and called for an “end of restrictions on movements across the demarcation line,’’ as well as a cessation of “all humiliation of the Greek and Maronite communities’’ and and ending of the “climate of intimidation.’’ 

In addition to the CoE resolution the Denktash decision on the school also violates a draft resolution on Human Rights due to be debated by the EU parliament next week. The draft expresses serious concern of the violation of childrens right to education."