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Media Watch 2003

16 May 2003
Source: Simerini
Comment: The following article appeared Simerini of Nicosia on 16 May 2003.
Turkey needs to realise that it occupies European territory

Theodoros Pagalos together with the early and unjustly perished Yiannos Kranidiotis paved the way for Cyprus’ European integration, which constituted the greater political and diplomatic move by the Hellenism the past 29 years, stated the president of KISOS, Yiannakis Omirou in the ceremony that was arranged by the Municipality of Lefkara in order to honour the former Greek Foreign Minister and PASOK MP, Theodoros Pagalos.

“Today we honour the grand and epochal event of the accession, we honour Theodoros Pagalos and Yiannos Kranidiotis as the founders and fighters of this achievement and their grandiose policy”, continued Mr. Omirou.

“The honour to Theodoros Pagalos is an honour to a great fighter, politician and visionary”, said the president of KISOS, adding that a major debt was paid to an important figure of modern Greece.

Mr. Omirou also thanked the PASOK governments both of Andreas Papandreou and Costas Simitis for their decisive contribution to Cyprus’s integration in Europe.

Referring to the Cyprus issue, Mr. Omirou said that in the new European environment “we shall fight for a European solution, a solution compatible with the network of law, values and principles, on which the operation of EU is founded. Extensive and unjustified divergences from the EU acquis will not be conceivable or acceptable”.

Mr. Omirou underlined that Turkey “should grasp that it cannot continue the occupation of a part of European territory and at the same time to claim a European future for itself. Turkey’s course towards EU might necessarily pass though the demolition of the occupational wall in Cyprus”."