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Media Watch 2003

06 May 2003
Source: Ortam
Comment: The following article appeared in the Turkish Cypriot newspaper Ortam on 6 May 2003.
The same old story

The following article appeared in the Turkish Cypriot newspaper Ortam on 6 May 2003. The article illustrates how Turkish occupation leader Denktash is ridiculed and held in disdain not only by the international community, but also by the vast majority of Turkish Cypriots. Denktash's demand that Turkish Cypriots are granted Turkish citizenship shows that he not only aims for the permanent division of Cyprus but that he wishes the occupied territories become an annex of Turkey.

"The same old story

He has been writing. God knows how many times he has written to complain about people using distorted facts. He is at it again. Again, He is not telling the truth. He always asked for intervention for his own benefit. Sometimes, he even managed to get it. He is at it again: Asking for intervention once again.

Cumhuriyet, a Turkish Daily, published Denktash's historical letter addressed to the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. In his letter, Denktash referred to the Turkish Cypriots demanding a solution and membership to the EU as secret agents of the US, the UK and the EU. He even presented the very democratic and peaceful demonstrations carried out by almost 80 thousand people as a pre-planned coup against him.

In his letter, Denktash asked that Ankara urgently adopts and implements both economic and political measures before the upcoming elections. He implied that his followers might loose the general elections. He also tried to use the method of agitation. He said, "It will be unfortunate for our continued 40 year struggle and Turkey's intervention for peace".

Denktash criticized the Turkish government for its hesitation in defending the Turkish course and, he stated, that he was against talks on the basis of the Annan Plan under the auspices of UN Secretary General Special Representative Alvaro de Soto.

In his letter, Denktash also asked for a set of measures from the Turkish government aiming at maintaining the status quo in Cyprus. To this respect, he demanded substantial economic assistance for TRNC citizens. In addition he also asked Ankara to grant Turkish citizenship to TRNC[sic] citizens.

Denktash raised his uneasiness in his letter with respect to the demands of the Turkish Cypriots for EU membership and the danger of having their will reflected in the upcoming general elections. In light of his concerns, he asked for intervention in the elections on his and his followers' behalf."