Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Summer 2009 Issue 22
On the 35th anniversary of Turkey’s illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus a fog of collective insomnia, stirred up by Turkey’s paid acolytes in the media, public relations and academia, slowly sweeps across the international landscape.
After five years of struggle, Greek Cypriot refugee Mr Apostolides has been vindicated by the European Court of Justice. In the process, he has given hope to all the refugees and property owners that their property rights are legally protected.
Since 1974 Greek Cypriots placed their trust and expectations in the world’s powerful diplomats and politicians to end the military occupation of their country and to restore justice and human rights.
Once again Turkey is using Turkish Cypriots as a strategic minority, much like Germany in the 1930s used Sudetenland Germans to advance its own national interests. This time the issue is oil and gas exploration.
Cyprus: The Post-Imperial Constitution, by economist Alex Tackie and international relations expert Vassilis Fouskas suggests to European, US and Cypriot policy-makers just what the Cypriot constitution currently being negotiated by President of Cyprus Mr Christofias and Mr Talat should not be.
2009 saw the commemoration of 35 years since the Turkish invasion and continuing occupation. Memories of 1974 are still fresh for those who lived through those black days of war. Time has not yet faded the events.
Greek Cypriots who have visited their homes and lands in the occupied north are shocked and outraged at the wanton systematic destruction of the heritage of the uprooted Greek Cypriot inhabitants.