Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Summer 2006 Issue 19

18 June 2006
Newsletter 19 overview
It is said that politics is all about perception not substance. At the moment, many in the west perceive the Turkish Cypriots to be subject to an international embargo. Many also feel that Greek Cypriots do not want a settlement or if they do, will not want to reclaim their lands and ancestral homes.

And others judge Turkey fit to join the European Union despite its illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus, its ethnic cleansing and social re-engineering and its destruction of the cultural and archaeological heritage of Cyprus. Still more people think that it’s ok to buy “abandoned” Greek Cypriot property in the occupied area. In this newsletter we challenge and refute these myths. In order to join the EU, Turkey, with the active support of the US, is desperately trying to whitewash its record. At Lobby we continue to challenge the policies of those appeasing Turkey and seek to expose the lies and myths perpetrated to lend credibility to Turkey’s defence of the indefensible. We trust that most Europeans will see through the myths and see the reality: that of Turkey’s continuing illegal occupation of one third of the island. We at Lobby will continue to campaign for the genuine reunification of the island through the 3Rs: Removal of all Turkish troops, Repatriation of all Turkish colonists and the Return of all refugees to their homes, pointing out that only a solution along these lines can give the west and the European Union the comfort it needs to see the Cyprus questions solved, thus releasing the full economic potential of Cyprus.