Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Press Releases 2007

24 September 2007
"The call by Turkey's new president to separate the Cyprus issue from Turkey's drive to be admitted to the European Union is arrogance of the first order.
31 August 2007
Lobby for Cyprus expresses its deepest sympathy to the Greek people over their terrible suffering following the recent devastating forest fires in Greece. Lobby is proud that the Cypriot people have stood side by side with their Greek brothers both in sending the largest contingent of overseas fire fighters to Greece to tackle the blazes and by now providing immediate financial and other support.
16 August 2007
"Although the US Congress has adjourned for the summer, it is encouraging to note that in its House of Representatives there are two Cyprus-related bills, both of which call on Turkey to cease its illegal occupation of the north of the Island."
16 August 2007
Both the European Union and the United States of America have affirmed the legality of the actions of the Republic of Cyprus regarding oil exploration off its coast and its a further blow to Turkey's attempts to share in the possible wind-fall that may accrue to the Republic."
14 August 2007
"Although the meeting was to be a purely religious one, Turkey's denial of permission of the visit of the new Greek-Orthodox Archbishop of Cyprus, Chrysostomos, to Istanbul to meet with the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, shows once again how Turkey's anti-Cyprus policy manifests itself."
21 July 2007
25 persons from Lobby for Cyprus today attended a property exhibition organised by UK company Sea Terra at the Hilton hotel in Cobham, Surrey. Sea Terra is registered in Wiltshire and has offices in Trowbridge.
20 July 2007
"Lobby for Cyprus endorses the call by both the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot residents of Pyrgos Tyllirias and Limnitis villages, on the northwest of the island, for the opening of a crossing point in the area."
20 July 2007
Using his recent visit to Rome, the Archbishop of the Church of Cyprus, Chrysostomos II, called on world support for pressure to be put on Turkey and its troops in the occupied north of the island to permit the Church of Cyprus to restore its Churches at its own expense and to permit the return five elderly monks.
22 June 2007
London--"Lobby for Cyprus thanks Malta for adding its voice to those calling on Turkey to honour 'all its commitments towards the EU, including those regarding the Republic of Cyprus," said Lobby spokesman, Theo Theodourou, following the recent meeting between the President of Malta, Edward Fenech-Adami, and Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos.
14 June 2007
London-"Two recent events highlight the importance of the July 8, 2006, Agreement, which Turkey and the leaders of the Turkish Cypriots have yet to begin to implement," said Theo Theodorou, spokesman for Lobby for Cyprus. The first, he said, is the hope expressed by Cyprus President Tassos Papadopoulos that Ankara and the Turkish Cypriots will at long last cooperate in implementing the Agreement, and the second was the call to that effect by French Ambassador Nicolas Galey, as he presented his credentials to President Papadopoulos, recently.
13 June 2007
London--"The latest figures from Nicosia give the lie, once again, to Turkish claims that the people living in the illegally-occupied north of the island, are isolated," declared Theo Theodorou, a spokesman for Lobby for Cyprus. According to the recent report, Turkish Cypriots have 49,156 Republic passports, 79,497 of them have Republic identity cards, and 90,920 have Republic birth certificates. The figures are accurate as of May, 2007.
07 June 2007
London--"The cultural destruction of not only Greek Orthodox churches in Cyprus but also churches of the Church of Rome as well as churches belonging to Maronites and the Armenians in the occupied north of Cyprus is further evidence that Turkey wants to eliminate all traces of the Christians so as to establish the view that Cyprus has always been a divided island," said Theo Theodorou, spokesman for Lobby of Cyprus, following reports from the Vatican and the Onassis Foundation.
06 June 2007
London--"Although the Republic of Cyprus is contributing to the implementation of the July 8, 2006, UN-brokered, agreement paving the way towards a political settlement of the divided island," said Theo Theodorou, spokesman for Lobby for Cyprus, "it would appear that the only consideration of the Turkish Cypriots and of Turkey is to give credence and status to the illegal regime in the Turkish-occupied part of the island."
05 June 2007
London--"Potential buyers of property in the illegally occupied north of Cyprus have yet another reason to reconsider," said Theo Theodorou, spokesman for Lobby for Cyprus, following the award of €885,000 (£600,000) to a Greek Cypriot woman because she has been denied access to her property in Famagusta.
29 May 2007
London--"The recent report that the Turks are burning the former homes of Greek Cypriot refugees is both disturbing and typical," said Theo Theodorou, spokesman for Lobby for Cyprus, referring to the news of the destruction in the village of Rizokarpaso, in the Karpass peninsula, in the northeast of the island.
05 May 2007
London--""Lobby for Cyprus warmly welcomes the concern and support of the European Union in the matter of the still-'missing' Greek Cypriots following the invasion of Cyprus in 1974," said Theo Theodorou, spokesman for Lobby for Cyprus. He was referring to the reply from EU Enlargement Commissioner, Olli Rehn, in the matter of a then-five-year-old boy, specifically, and the more-than 1500 Greek Cypriots, generally.
30 March 2007
London--"Lobby for Cyprus has long sought a thorough investigation of the missing persons from the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus," said Nick Kounoupias, Lobby spokesman, "and it would appear that the recent resolution adopted by the European Parliament will finally resolve the matter."
22 March 2007
London--"It is to be hoped that the British Parliament will have the same degree of courage and sense of responsibility as the American Congress and will act to protect the interests of its Cypriot subjects," said Nick Kounoupias, spokesman for Lobby for Cyprus, in referring to a recent piece of legislation raised in the Congress on behalf of Cypriots who have lost their properties in the illegally occupied north of Cyprus.
01 March 2007
London--"Lobby for Cyprus lauds the recent statement of the American Ambassador to Cyprus regarding the Republic's right to deal with the natural-gas and oil reserves on the sea south of the island," said Nick Kounoupias, Lobby spokesman.