Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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07 May 2015
UK general election – use your vote
On 7 May voters go to the polls to elect their Members of Parliament in the most closely contested UK general election in a lifetime.

Lobby for Cyprus urges members of the UK's Cypriot community to turn out in high numbers to cast their vote. 

As well as considering issues that concern them as UK citizens we ask that they consider which candidates have a proven track record of supporting justice for our beloved country of origin Cyprus, which is still divided after more than 40 years of occupation by Turkey. 

We have seen governments come and go and to-date we have not even come close to reaching a solution that would allow the 200,000 refugees the right to return to their homes, to ensure the 43,000 Turkish troops withdraw from the occupied territory and the colonists are humanely repatriated to Turkey.

One way to maintain a presence and to be heard in government circles is to have Members of Parliament who are genuine friends of Cyprus voted in, for the next five years – to continue presenting and voting for Early Day Motions in Parliament; to be involved in debates and seminars on Cyprus; to make representations with decision-makers such as Ministers, the Foreign Office and of course the Prime Minister.

With a resumption of UN-sponsored talks imminent, Cyprus has to be high on the agenda of the next UK government and we can play our role by influencing the selection of candidates who have a track record of being supportive of us. We believe that UK Cypriots should not turn their back on those MPs who have fought our corner, defended Cyprus and protected its interests in their term as Members of Parliament. 

In recent council elections, voting results showed only 7 per cent of Greek Cypriots went out to vote, resulting in under representation for Greek Cypriots. It is paramount that Greek Cypriots participate in the democratic process. 

Every Greek and Greek Cypriot voter can make their vote count to elect the MP most suited to help us fight our cause for a Cyprus that is free from unlawful Turkish occupation.

Your vote counts and we ask that you use it on 7 May to elect those who support Cyprus.