Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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15 November 2002
The UN wants to reward the thief who stole our land, our homes and properties


Issued 15 November 2002

Though at this point the full text of the UN proposals has not been analysed in its entirety, a cursory look at the "leaked" documents offers little or no comfort to the Greek Cypriots. If we look at just the issue of land and the rights of the refugees, what appears to be proposed, is totally and utterly unacceptable. In areas subject to territorial adjustments (namely Famagusta and Morphou), properties shall be reinstated to the legal owners but only after three whole years from the date of the agreement. Who can we trust that these properties will ever be returned. In areas not subject to territorial adjustments, the arrangements will be on the basis of compensation. According to this document, refugees from Kyrenia and its environs, the Karpassia and elsewhere will be "dispossessed owners" and their only recourse is "compensation" which amounts to illegal confiscation. In spite of the Titina Loizidou case as adjudicated by the European Court of Human Rights, it appear that the UN proposals override this, other high level judicial decisions and even the UN’s own resolutions, in order to favour Turkey and an illegal regime, that have ruled over 37% of the land of Cyprus since 1974. This is a massive denial of the refugees’ human and legal rights and reward for the aggressor and the thief who stole the land, our homes and properties.

The Cypriots will even be denied the cornerstones of the EU philosophy, the freedom of movement, settlement and ownership.

And what of the 115,000 and more colonists? They outnumber the indigenous Turkish Cypriots, they represent a massive demographic change to the island, but instead of being dealt with as illegal colonisers brought in over 28 years by an illegal and internationally unrecognised regime, they are to be given citizenship! This is an unacceptable imposition and one which would not be tolerated by any other national state in Europe, yet the Republic of Cyprus is forced to grin and bear it.

Lobby for Cyprus has always welcomed a negotiated settlement but not one whose principal purpose appears to be to rehabilitate Turkey, improve its chances of accession to the EU and not address the key issues concerning Cyprus on the basis of international law and justice.

Under the circumstances, we at Lobby, unequivocally state that the proposed solution is a travesty and the Greek Cypriot government has been placed under extreme pressure by international vested interests to accept and enact the unthinkable. There is little point in agreeing to an unacceptable settlement in order to secure EU accession.

We state our vigorous opposition and our refusal to accept any solution that does not respect our inalienable, human, legal and moral, rights.

Further press releases will be made by Lobby for Cyprus concerning the core issues such as, governance, territory, property and security – when we complete our analysis of the full text of the UN proposals.

We will never give up our struggle for our rights and for our freedoms.

Lobby for Cyprus, in addition to its membership, represents the UK based refugee associations:
Ayios Amvrosios• Anglo-Akanthou • Lapithos & Karavas • Yialoysa-Ayia Triada Melanarka • Famagusta • Leonarisso-Vasili • Rizokarpasso • Mandres • Lefkoniko