Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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24 April 2002
Special message: to all Greek Cypriot refugees and property owners
More than 90% of land in the part of Cyprus illegally occupied by Turkey is owned by Greek Cypriots...


More than 90% of land in the part of Cyprus illegally occupied by Turkey is owned by Greek Cypriots.

Denktash and his illegal regime want the international community to recognise them as ‘co-owners’ of Cyprus i.e. their theft of the land to be legalised. As a matter of principle, no Greek Cypriot refugee or property owner should renounce their heritage and allow Denktash and his bandits to steal our land, by means of ‘property exchanges’ or ‘compensation’.

It is another means of depriving us of what is rightfully ours.

What to do:

Use your title-deeds to reclaim what is yours.

If you do not have copies of your deeds, use the Land Registry in Nicosia to make a search
and register ownership of your property.

Do not contemplate immediate resettlement of your land after any deal has been struck,
if you are concerned about your security. All you need to do is to reclaim your land and WAIT:

    WAITto evaluate the security situation.

    WAIT to consider whether you want to return with your families, villagers or townsfolk to take up permanent or temporary residence.

In the first instance you must reclaim what is yours.

For those who are prepared to sell (it is your prerogative to do so) do not do so immediately after a settlement has been brokered. The value of your property will increase exponentially post-settlement once the dust has settled – you have everything to gain.


The land, with your legitimate title-deeds, will be priceless. No measure of compensation can possibly match the market value of the best land in Cyprus. Don’t be fooled by Denktash and his cronies. Take back what is yours. It is our land, the home of our ancestors and the home of our children and we will not sell it or surrender it for thirty pieces of silver!

The 3RS:

  1. Removal of all Turkish troops from Cyprus
  2. Repatriation of all colonists
  3. Return of all refugees to their homes without preconditions, restrictions or discrimination and with their human rights guaranteed, as stipulated by European and international law