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07 December 2001
What has changed?
Now the dust has settled after the September 11 attacks, we may well ask what has changed since then, concerning Cyprus...

Now the dust has settled after the September 11 attacks, we may well ask what has changed since then, concerning Cyprus.

Are the issues, the principles on which we fight for a settlement any different from what they were before the 11 September 2001?

The answer is quite simply NO.

Promising contacts between the Government of the Republic of Cyprus and Mr Denktash have just taken place and more substantive talks have been scheduled for early in the New Year but none of this alters the basic facts and principles. These are:

There are over 30,000 Turkish occupation troops on our island. We want them out.

Over 90% of the land in the occupied area is legally owned by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, the Church, business and commercial interests and ordinary Greek Cypriots. We have every right to reclaim what is legally and morally ours and we intend to do so.

The colonists or so-called illegal immigrants, have changed the demography of our island. Our sovereignty has been eroded by this influx of illegals who are gifted our lands and homes by the illegal occupation regime. Their humane repatriation must be an integral part of any settlement.

The issues and principles vis-à-vis Cyprus therefore, remain the same:

1 Removal of all Turkish troops from the island of Cyprus

2 Repatriation of all Turkish colonists

3 Return of all refugees to their homes without preconditions, restrictions and discrimination. And with their human rights, as stipulated by European and international law, guaranteed.

It is time that the UN, EU and the international community address these issues and restore justice in Cyprus.

The government of the Republic of Cyprus is duty bound not to compromise these minimum requirements in any negotiation process.

We will return!

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