Lobby for Cyprus is a non-party-political human rights organisation campaigning for a reunited Cyprus.
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Letter / Email Templates

You can use the following sample letters as a basis for writing your own letters on a number of themes relating to the Cyprus issue.

Invasion and occupation
Example 1 - to press and media
[Your name and address]

[Name, title and address of recipient]

RE: [Subject]

Dear [name/title/sir/madam etc]
I am writing in response to your [article/report/programme] [title], [date] by [name of writer/reporter]. 

Your [article/report/programme] fails to mention that 'north Cyprus' is in fact the area of the Republic of Cyprus that is currently under illegal Turkish occupation. 

Perhaps you should inform your [readers/viewers] that Turkey invaded the Republic of Cyprus in 1974 in contravention of the United Nations charter and international law. Turkish troops committed mass human rights abuses against the indigenous Greek Cypriot population including murder, rape and torture, as documented by the European Commission of Human Rights. 

200,000 Greek Cypriots were ethnically cleansed and to this day Greek Cypriots are prevented from returning to their lands and homes by Turkey's illegal army of occupation which currently controls 37 percent of Cypriot and European Union territory.

Since the invasion Turkey and its puppet regime in the occupied north have attempted to extinguish all traces of the rich European culture of Cyprus in order to perpetuate the myth that there has never been a Greek and Christian presence in the area, despite thousands of years of history. In acts of cultural genocide, hundreds of churches and other religious sites have been systematically destroyed and all places have been renamed with Turkish. 

Turkey has imported more than 160,000 Turkish colonists in its attempt to alter the demographic composition of the island and to hamper efforts for reunification. The colonists have been transferred to Cyprus in violation of the Geneva convention and they now outnumber the Turkish Cypriots who were coerced into moving into the occupied areas by Turkey, as part of its policy of apartheid in Cyprus.   

Numerous United Nations & Security Council resolutions such as 541 consider "the purported secession" of the occupied areas as "legally invalid" and calls on all states to respect the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus, which officially encompasses the entire island.  

I would like to request that you clarify your reports and remove or explain any references to the so-called 'Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus'.

I look forward to your response. 

Yours [sincerely/faithfully]
[Your name]
Example 2 – to press and media
[Your name, your address]
[Name, title, address of recipient]

RE: The Annan plan

Dear [name/title/sir/madam etc]

I am writing in response to your [article/report/programme title], [date] by [name of writer/reporter]. 

The Annan plan was rejected by the majority of Greek Cypriots because it was biased towards Turkey, the very country which invaded Cyprus in 1974 and that remains in illegal occupation of the north. 

The plan would have:
  • entitled Turkey to intervene in the affairs of Cyprus whenever it wished;
  • allowed 30 percent of the island to be retained by Turkey in the guise of a Turkish Cypriot state whilst returning only seven percent to the Greek Cypriots;
  • provided for the Turkish army to remain in Cyprus for the next 19 years; 
  • denied the vast majority of Greek Cypriot refugees the right to return to their lands;
  • denied Cypriots the right to freedom of movement and to settle wherever they wish in their own country while this would be permitted to other EU citizens;
  • permitted foreign nationals to purchase the very homes that Greek Cypriot refugees would be denied the right to return to;
  • allowed more than 160,000 illegal colonists from Turkey to remain in Cyprus in the stolen homes of Greek Cypriots; 
  • deprived Cyprus, a European Union member state of its right to veto Turkey's accession to the EU if it thought fit.
The UN, the US and the EU in their desire to ensure that Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots accepted the plan accommodated the majority of Turkish demands while failing to meet the valid concerns of the Greek Cypriots. 

It seems that rather than intending to solve the Cyprus issue, the purpose of the Annan plan was to absolve Turkey of its war crimes in Cyprus and to pave the way for its entry into the EU. 

There has been little or no analysis of the content of the inequitable Annan plan by the international media and pressure and criticism has been brought to bear on the Greek Cypriots following their rejection of it. Why should the people who have lived as refugees in their own country for 30 years and who cannot return to their homes be punished for exercising their democratic right? 

The Greek Cypriots did not vote against reunification of their island – they, more than anyone want to have the right to go back home – they voted against a plan that would legalise the occupation by Turkey and would effectively cause partition of the island. Why should they be punished for doing what any responsible member of a sovereign state would do? 

One wonders what happened to democracy and respect for UN resolutions such as those that call for the removal of Turkish troops, the return of all refugees, and the repatriation of Turkish colonists. 

Or do democracy and human rights not apply in the case of Cyprus?

Yours [sincerely/faithfully]
[Your name]
Example 3 - to UK government / MPs
[Your name and address]

[Name, title and address of recipient]

RE: UK government policy on Cyprus

I am writing to to highlight my concerns over the UK government’s positions on the Cyprus issue and urge you to re-assess British foreign policy on Cyprus. 

I would like to see the United Kingdom even now, 36 years after the ethnic cleansing committed by the Turkish army in Cyprus, applying diplomatic pressure on Turkey and pursuing an ethical foreign policy for the resolution of the Cyprus issue.

Since Turkey brutally invaded Cyprus 33 years ago it has consolidated its illegal presence in the occupied area with the tacit support of the United Kingdom, one of the three guarantor powers of the territorial integrity of Cyprus.

Turkey has maintained an army of occupation of over 40,000 troops; has ethnically cleansed all but the very few elderly Greek Cypriots in the occupied area, replacing them with over 160,000 colonists from Turkey in an attempt to ethnically re-engineer the demographic make up of the island. And Turkey has ransacked the rich European and Christian cultural heritage of Cyprus. Turkey’s appalling behaviour in Cyprus is an affront to the civilised world and makes a mockery of its attempts to embrace European values.

Under the Treaty of Guarantee the United Kingdom is legally obliged to ensure the continuation and territorial integrity of the Republic created in 1960. This it has lamentably failed to do. Recent British government policy has been to support the deeply flawed Annan plan, which had it been accepted, would have created an apartheid regime in Cyprus with Greek Cypriots unable to return to their ancestral homes or own property in large numbers in the north of the island. It would also have legitimised the ethnic cleansing committed by Turkey and absolved it of any further responsibility for its war crimes.

In the United Kingdom nothing has been done to stop the illegal exploitation of Greek Cypriot property in the occupied north of the island by UK-based companies and developers despite cases in the European Court of Human Rights and judgments by the English High Court. The government should make it clear that profiting from the ethnic cleansing is not only immoral but also illegal.

You have a wonderful opportunity to right these wrongs and ensure that the United Kingdom fulfils its treaty obligations to Cyprus by supporting a solution consistent with international law and basic human rights. Such a solution would provide the template for the peaceful resolution of similar conflicts around the world. Indeed failing to do so would set a terrible precedent.

We urge you to ensure that the UK, in its handling of the Cyprus issue supports a solution that is in line with basic international law and consistent with the preservation of the basic human rights of the Greek Cypriots.

Yours sincerely
[Your name]

Send your letter to your MP at the House of Commons. Find your MP's details here:

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Example 4 - to press and media
[Your name and address]

[Name, title and address of recipient]

RE: Your article [title]

Dear [name/title/sir/madam etc]

I am writing with dismay regarding the above mentioned article [publication, date, writer, page number] and I draw to your attention the fact that there is no such place in existence as ‘Greek Cyprus’ nor ‘Turkish Cyprus’.

There is the internationally recognised Republic of Cyprus, which is a member of the UN, EU and the Council of Europe. There exists only in Turkish eyes a ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ which is not recognised by anyone other than Turkey. According to international law and numerous UN resolutions it is under illegal occupation by the Turkish military. 

I would expect a paper of your standing to be aware of the facts and am extremely curious as to why you persist in misrepresenting the true position.

If Turkey wants to join the EU let it join with clean hands by complying with EU and international law and respecting the human rights of all citizens whether they are Greek, Turkish, Kurdish or Armenian. Turkey should remove its occupying army from Cyprus and give back the lands that it has stolen. Only once Turkey finally recognises that it has to play by the rules to join the club will it be possible for the other members to accept it as a serious candidate for membership. 

Yours [sincerely/faithfully]
[Your name]
Example 5 - to UK Foreign Secretary re: Turkey and the EU
[Your name and address]
The Foreign Secretary
Foreign & Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH


RE: Turkey and the EU

Dear Foreign Secretary

Turkey should never be allowed to join the EU while it is occupying 37 percent of the territory of the Republic Of Cyprus.

The Republic of Cyprus is the only EU member state with a substantial proportion of its territory under military occupation by Turkey, a state aspiring to join the European family of nations.

It is wholly unacceptable that Great Britain and in particular the Prime Minister to champion with such determination the cause for Turkey’s accession, ignoring Britain’s obligations towards the Republic of Cyprus, both as a guarantor power and as a fellow EU member.

Amongst other serious violations, Turkey continues to deny Cypriot registered vessels and civilian aircraft access to Turkish ports and airspace, as required by EU law. It continues to violate the basic human rights of its own citizens, the Kurdish people and of all Cypriots particularly the Greek Cypriot refugees; and re-enforces rather than relaxes its military presence on the occupied north of the island, which is European territory.

I therefore call on you, as the Foreign Minister of Britain, a country that has the legal duty to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus, to ensure that the European door is firmly shut for Turkey, until it recognises the Republic of Cyprus and to removes its army of occupation from the island.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely
[Your name]